Rockers, Ride Ons & Bikes

Children just love a toy they can sit on. Go to any baby group or nursery and you’ll see that the toddlers all make a beeline for the rockers, ride-ons and bikes. And sales reflect that - according to research by Global Research Intellect, the Global Ride-on Toys Market has been growing at a faster pace and has seen substantial growth rates over the past few years, with plenty more to come until 2026.

Conjure up an image of a traditional nursery and you will no doubt imagine a beautiful painted horse in pride of place. Today’s modern rockers act as a focal point in a nursery or playroom, their muted shades complementing contemporary interior décor while providing plenty of fun.

Ride-on toys also help in the development of a host of skills including gross motor skills, independent play, confidence and balance. These big-ticket items make perfect gifts from grandparents and because they will be looking for quality in that gift, Baby Brands Direct only stocks a select few trusted brands such as Little Bird, Vtech, Janod and Taf Toys.